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Under review

District Dog Days

Kelse Gengler 4 months ago in Employee Experience updated by Cori Veverka 2 months ago 4

When I was in college they would bring in therapy dogs during stressful times of the year (finals, midterms, etc). I was thinking we could do a similar thing and bring in some therapy dogs during various times during the year.

It could be a short thing or have a time frame where staff could drop in to play with some dogs for a little bit.

Not sure if we could have it in one of our buildings or if it would have to be outside.


planning and brainstorming meetings

Jen McFall 2 months ago in Employee Experience updated 3 weeks ago 4

I believe having our brainstorming meetings a year in advance would be more productive than a week or 2 before catalog entries are due. For example, we meet this November to discuss how our fall classes are going, what we would change and any ideas for collaborations for next year. I feel talking about the season we are currently in will give us more insight when planning for next year. We always come up with great ideas in these meetings but I don't feel we fully devote the time and energy to produce those great classes due to such limited planning time.

Under review

Electronic Sign In Sheets for Staff Meetings

Rich Zielke 4 months ago in Employee Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 2 months ago 2

Attending the catalog meeting we signed in on paper, got me thinking about an electronic solution.

Just one of many that came up during a quick search - https://signinsheets.org/


Online store for staff apparel & accessories

Abbie 7 months ago in Employee Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 1 month ago 8

Work with Next Generation to create an online store for staff to order branded apparel, accessories, etc. Departments currently do this individually, and some departments not at all. A district wide approach and opportunity to everyone would be beneficial. Not mandatory or "uniforms" but an opportunity for staff to purchase Oswegoland logo-ed apparel.


Putting a name to a face

Mary Drew 5 months ago in Employee Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 3 months ago 8

For our internal email you can add your picture to your profile. This would be nice for those staff you never see to put a name to a face. 

Under review

Employee Intranet Page

Christine 2 months ago in Employee Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 2 months ago 1

I'm new to the park district, so I'm not sure if we have something like this. Do we have an employee intranet type page that is like a one stop shop for employees to get information? Access is only for employees. Information would consist of emp. benefit summaries, forms, how to's for Springbrook access, links to web pages that are important (Innovation Lab), volunteer opportunities, parties and events, etc.

Under review

Spring Break jeans week

Abbie 7 months ago in Employee Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 7 months ago 2

Allow jeans to be worn the week of spring break.

Under review

Cloud based file storage for staff

Brian Everhart 7 months ago in Employee Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 6 months ago 1

In today's mobile digital environment it would be helpful to be able to access files and directories from a variety of online devices and locations.  When weather causes issues or employees are on the road or traveling, to be able to securely access information could be of great benefit

Under review

Employee Safety Merit Reward program

Abbie 3 months ago in Employee Experience updated by Brian Everhart 3 months ago 4

The Safety Council is seeking your input! As an employee, what sort of incentives/perks would motivate you to keep safety in the forefront of your mind? We would love to hear your ideas!


New Hire Paperwork for Supervisors

Rockie Veverka 2 months ago in Employee Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 2 months ago 3

It would be helpful if the new hire paperwork folder in the pdrive could be organized differently. It's great that it's all in one place, but it would be easier to sort through if it was labeled or numbered in order, or separated into certain folders. Maybe even adding some short guidelines or reminders for certain forms as well. 


Outdoor Meetings

Michelle 7 months ago in Employee Experience updated by Rich Zielke 2 months ago 4

During the warmer months, we could host catalog and department meetings outdoors to give us the opportunity to get some fresh air/out of the office!


all staff lunch at Boulder Point

Karla Lundy 2 days ago in Employee Experience 0

Some staff are not always able to leave and attend luncheons as they need to prepare to teach afternoon classes or may not have coverage.  Boulder Point had an idea of a salad, sandwich and dessert luncheon in the spring.  A new location for staff that may not have been here to enjoy our company.  We'd love to host a staff luncheon!   "Salad and Sandwich Spring Luncheon" in April or March.  Perhaps on the first day of spring.  


Looking for team meeting ideas for part time staff

Brian Everhart 7 months ago in Employee Experience updated by Jen McFall 3 months ago 3

Does anyone have suggestions for interactive activities or exercises to help engage young part time staff.  Sometimes staff at meetings seem low energy or disengaged.  How can we get/hold their attention and make things more conversational, fun while still being instructive and impactfull?

Not Selected

Coffee Bar at Every Building for Staff

Professor of Innovation 7 months ago in Employee Experience updated 6 months ago 1

Provide coffee and flavored creamers and add ons for an elevated experience in the workplace.