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Program Themed Picnic Tables

Erik Enslen 5 years ago updated by Cori Veverka 5 years ago 5

This will bring attention to different programs throughout the Park District. Each Department/Program can design & paint their own picnic table and it be placed throughout the parks in the spring/summer. Contest for each area to design the most creative.

Similar to the ones that were done at Prairie Fest this year, or the "Cows on Parade" from Chicago years ago.


I have loved seeing the bright community tables out in our parks and facilities. MORE MORE MORE!!!


I love this idea! We have some picnic tables at South Point that could use some sprucing up!

This sounds like such a fun spring/summer project to do with the dance staff! 

Under review

Hey Erik.

Thanks for sharing your idea.  We loved the brightly painted tables from PrairieFest this year and turning those into billboards to highlight program areas seems like a great idea.  

We will pass your suggestion along to Marketing and the Community Awareness Committee to spur some further discussion.

We were brainstorming ideas for what to do at our spring Kite Fly. This could be a fun option!