planning and brainstorming meetings

Jen McFall 4 years ago updated by Professor of Innovation 4 years ago 5

I believe having our brainstorming meetings a year in advance would be more productive than a week or 2 before catalog entries are due. For example, we meet this November to discuss how our fall classes are going, what we would change and any ideas for collaborations for next year. I feel talking about the season we are currently in will give us more insight when planning for next year. We always come up with great ideas in these meetings but I don't feel we fully devote the time and energy to produce those great classes due to such limited planning time.

I love this idea! Let's get something on the calendar for this Oct/Nov to start talking about Fall 2020!


Good morning Jen.

Thanks for sharing.  Sounds like quite a few people agree with your idea.  We will let the meeting organizers know of your idea and hopefully a meeting request will be heading your way soon.

With fall in full swing (and winter snow on the ground), do we want to set up a meeting to start planning next Fall? Jen - Do you want to take the lead?

I'd be happy to! I'll talk to Tom about setting up a date and who to invite.