Smartsheet for IT requests

Rockie Veverka 5 months ago in Better/Faster/Smarter/Cheaper updated by Professor of Innovation 5 days ago 2

It would be awesome to be able to complete a smart sheet similar to how we already do marketing or website request for any IT related issues or concerns. Scott isn't here everyday, so it might also be nice for him to be able to prioritize tasks,  get them on his calendar and mark off things that are completed. I'm not 100% sure of how the smartsheet works, but it seems like a nice way to get things organized for all. 

How will OPD benefit from this idea?:
IT could prioritize tasks and mark off items when they're completed. It would be easier to organize all of our requests.
Under review

Thank you for your submission.

We plan on forwarding your concept along to the department head.  We will pass along any replies or information we receive.to you.


Good afternoon Rockie,

We just wanted to share an update from the IT team that they are currently reviewing and vetting systems that would fulfill the need you expressed.  They hope to have something implemented soon.  As soon as we hear more we will be happy to share.

Thanks again.