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New building access control system at all locations - FOBs or keycards for entry

Brian Everhart 4 years ago updated by Mary Drew 4 years ago 2

With Boulder Point set to have renovations it could be a great time to transition from our current system of keys and passcodes at our various locations to a universal key card or FOB entry system for all staff.  Boulder Point could be done first with a phased implementation for other facilities year by year to help with budget/cost concerns.

The same system could be implemented at all locations so employees would have one card/FOB to access all facilities or rooms they need access to do perform their job functions.  In the case of termination or change of duties, it would be easier for supervisors, system administrator to either deactivate or change access on a staff members card.

Eliminate the need for large rings of keys for some employees as well as access codes, duplicated keys, etc.

I believe the school district already uses something like this for their facilities.

Under review

Thanks for the suggestion, Brian! We will pass this idea along!


As a person that works with the key tracking, a big YES to this!