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Hand Dryers in Buildings

Alex Shields 10 months ago in Better/Faster/Smarter/Cheaper updated by Rich Zielke 9 months ago 2

The district could look into getting hand dryers for restrooms instead of continuously supplying paper towels.

How will OPD benefit from this idea?:
The district would have less paper waste, less mess to clean up of ripped or used paper towels, no need to purchase as many paper towels (less cases of paper towels), no need to continuously refill dispensers, be more eco-friendly and be more sanitary.
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Good afternoon Alex.

Thanks for your great suggestion.  We ran your idea by a few of the decision makers when it comes to facility maintenance and were informed this idea has been suggested and considered before.

Based on research done at that time, it was determined that currently the paper towels a better option for us here at the district.  As other technology and systems are available, we may consider changing in the future, but at this time we will be sticking with the paper towels.

Don't be discouraged though, it is a great suggestion and always spurs great discussion at the department level and makes us constantly evaluate our processes and procedures.

Keep the great ideas coming.