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10/10 - Internal OPD Holiday

Kendra Potter 5 years ago updated by Professor of Innovation 5 years ago 3

1010 is what phone number the community knows us by. Wouldn't be great if we could create an internal holiday on October 10 of every year celebrating us...OPD employees? Ideas could include a picnic in the park, a potluck, celebrate with t-shirts, a parade, flag football game, bonfire, hold a triathlon, support one of our OPD athletic events by attending a game, pick a charity to donate to, volunteer, attend one of the Cubs playoff game, etc. The ideas are endless. 

Such a fun idea!

Under review

Hey Kendra.

Thanks for another great submission.  What a great way to tie some things together with the phone number and of course give us a chance to celebrate... "US"!!!

We can talk to our Wellness Committee and possibly work this into their annual calendar of events.

If anyone else has more ideas to add to expand on Kendra's premise, keep them coming in this thread.

Thanks again Kendra.