Kids Connection summer camp

Jonathon Lorenz 2 weeks ago in Brand New Idea updated by Cheryl Lutz Gerstung 2 weeks ago 1

I’ve been to countless summer camps for kids over the years. And one of my favorite things every year is the aspect of the (color wars) Red team vs Blue team. But those camps are only a week long. My idea would be for the Kids in the summer program on the “out and about” to meet with another site. And play games, relay races etc. vs another site. (Like red teams vs blue team.) and this would go on all summer program, each game won would essentially get them points. Teams could also come up with color team theme chants to cheer on there team. For extra points. Towards the end of the summer program the team with the most points would receive either some kind of trophy for the year or the winning site would get a pizza party.  

How will OPD benefit from this idea?:
I believe it will get not only the kids but the leaders more invested in the out and abouts.

Great idea, Jonathan! We can definitely talk about implementing this into camp this summer.