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Smartsheet for Operations Requests!

btingley 4 years ago updated by Jen McFall 4 years ago 3

Since marketing and IT have switched over to ticket requests, why don't we switch operations from emails as well? We could  track what buildings/areas are needing help more often and there could be options for how quickly you need it done. Operations could also put questions that would help them know exactly what needs to be done/what equipment needs to be brought. 


Love this idea! 

Under review

Hey Brie.

Thanks for the great idea for Operations requests.  

A little birdy has told the professor that a task force is forming to look into possible Work Order applications already.  As more information becomes available we will be happy to share it.

Thanks for "flipping" an idea our way.  Can't wait to hear your next one.

Great idea Brie!!