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Instagram Takeovers

Rockie Veverka 4 years ago updated by Cori Veverka 4 years ago 7

I noticed The Paramount has been doing "instagram takoeovers' where their actors or staff post onto The Paramount's Instagram stories for a day. For example, they had one of the actresses from an upcoming show posting during rehearsal and answering questions. They also had someone from their audience services department promoting subscription renewals yesterday. 

I think it could be a great opportunity to highlight some of our departments if we did this at OPD. Dance/gymnastics can post during a competition/meet; Limelight backstage during a show, CSR's could post on registration day, preschool can post during the school day or at a field trip, operations could post their beekeping, and the list goes on. 

I'm not sure what our following is on Instagram. We could promote the Instagram takeovers on Facebook or on the website. This could also be an opportunity to gain followers. 

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They are also looking for Student Ambassadors who are participants who will be promoting their programming through their own social media outlets. 

These could be great ways for us to leverage the micro influencers within our own programs.

Ohhhh, I like that! 


Rockie & Cori,

Sounds like you're both invested in this idea. I would welcome a proposal covering:

  • Goal of the Takeover
  • Who can do a Takeover
  • How to Request a Takeover - Submission Form/Takeover Request Form
  • Training Requirements & Best Practices/Tips/Dos/Don’ts
  • Post Date/Time/Frequency/Other Expectations
  • Guidelines & Responsibility Agreement

I look forward to hearing more!


Sounds good! We were chatting the other day and comparing resources for those kinds of guidelines and how other districts/companies/organizations are handling social media takeovers and influencers.

Under review

Thanks again Rockie!!

Looks like the Marketing Department is already taking action.  If you could keep us posted on the progress, the professor cant wait to double tap on all of the fun Instagram posts.  #TheProfessorlovesOPD

Keep those ideas coming.


Once there's a process and Laura's got her stamp of approval on it, I'd love to do this for festivals!

Rockie and I are meeting this afternoon to work on our proposal for Marketing! We'll keep everyone posted!