lighting for safety

Karla Lundy 5 years ago updated by Professor of Innovation 4 years ago 3

Could a temporary light be added under the vestibule at Boulder Point.  It is quite dark at 5am in the morning when a CSR arrives to open the building for fitness classes and is equally as dark at night when patrons and staff are leaving.   Maybe it could be solar or use rechargeable batteries.   

Under review

Hey Karla.

Thanks for your submission.  We obviously feel the safety of all staff and patrons is a priority so a way to improve the lighting at Boulder Point is definitely something to look into.  

We will pass this along for consideration and keep you posted.

Keep your ideas coming.


Hey Karla.

So, I heard through the "safety vine" that some new lighting for the Boulder Point vestibule was in the works.

Thanks for your submission and thanks to Operations and the Safety Council for checking into this.

I would expect another A.T.O.M. to be on his way to your desk shortly.

Thanks again and keep "lighting up" the lab.