Innovation Alarm

KristieBV 4 years ago updated by Professor of Innovation 4 years ago 4

The innovation lab is becoming a very effective method for new ideas and collaboration. It seems like people come to the lab when they have a great idea. To increase the traffic of people engaging in those ideas, I'd love to have a week where we set Innovation alarms - emails that would come to folks at the same time every day for a week and remind them to check out the innovation lab. Or maybe just a monthly ATOM Alert to visit the lab and see what is currently bubbling. I sometimes get buried in my Things to Do list and forget to stretch my innovation muscle. 

Love the idea of an ATOM Alert!

I agree, great idea! I'm checking out the Innovation Lab right now because my weekly reminder went off :)  

Under review

You clearly know the way to the professors heart Krisitie.

Anyway we can help increase engagement and sharing at the lab we are totally down for.

Thanks for sharing and we hope to have some form of "Alarm" to blare to everyone soon.


Thanks for "ringing the bell" with your submission Kristie.

The Professor has it under good authority that his friends from the Values Team will be joining the cause to make sure everyone remembers to check out the lab regularly.  We have already seen a few reminders and challenges issued and we will keep those coming your way.

The Lab only works if people are engaged so we look forward to hearing from you all soon.

I would anticipate an A.T.O.M. to end up in your office pretty soon.