all staff lunch at Boulder Point

Karla Lundy 5 years ago updated by Professor of Innovation 5 years ago 2

Some staff are not always able to leave and attend luncheons as they need to prepare to teach afternoon classes or may not have coverage.  Boulder Point had an idea of a salad, sandwich and dessert luncheon in the spring.  A new location for staff that may not have been here to enjoy our company.  We'd love to host a staff luncheon!   "Salad and Sandwich Spring Luncheon" in April or March.  Perhaps on the first day of spring.  

What a fun idea! We've got a Wellness Committee Meeting tomorrow, so I would be happy to share with the group!


Thanks for sharing Karla.

One of our Wellness Committee members is already looking into making this a reality.

Hopefully we will all be able to gather and enjoy each others company at Boulder Point sometime very soon.

Keep sharing.