Collecting Testimonials

Cori Veverka 5 years ago updated by Laura Finch 5 years ago 1

I was at an IPRA meeting yesterday where we were discussing different ideas for marketing. One agency mentioned that they have a method of following up when they receive positive feedback via email or on social media. They shoot back a quick message to thank them, ask if they can use the quote for promotional purposes, and how they would like their name to be listed. This allowed them to be anonymous, represent their entire family, or just be "Cori V." It was cool to see their examples calling out specific instructors or classes.

We know that people have great things to say about our programs, events, and customer service, so let's capture that and share with Marketing. We are brag-worthy, and it is great when we can let our patrons help tell our story!

Awesome idea! We would love to incorporate more testimonials in our marketing. Please send them my way!!!