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Job / Shift Posting Portal for Internal Staff seeking to Work matching staff looking to fill jobs or shifts

Tom Betsinger 10 months ago in Better/Faster/Smarter/Cheaper updated by Professor of Innovation 10 months ago 1

I would like a clearing house where each department can post position openings or available shifts for existing staff. 

Ideally, staff from any department would be able to access the open position / shift and then apply or agree to fill shifts. 

Jobs or shifts would include any specific requirements, rate of pay, ect...  

Possible internal software with potential include When 2 Work, Springbrook & Time Pro. 

How will OPD benefit from this idea?:
PT staff looking for additional hours can find available work and departments with openings can fill those voids with existing staff.
Under review

Hey Tom.

Thanks for sharing your great idea.  Sounds like we may have some resources in house or possibly some other means we could explore.  We will run this by HR to investigate how we can make this a reality.

Keep the ideas coming.