New Hire Paperwork for Supervisors

Rockie Veverka 3 months ago in Employee Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 3 months ago 3

It would be helpful if the new hire paperwork folder in the pdrive could be organized differently. It's great that it's all in one place, but it would be easier to sort through if it was labeled or numbered in order, or separated into certain folders. Maybe even adding some short guidelines or reminders for certain forms as well. 

How will OPD benefit from this idea?:
It would help to make sure supervisors are turning in new hire paperwork correctly
Under review

Good morning Rockie.

Thanks for sharing your idea.  Did you know we have a Leadership Team focused on Employee Orientation and Training.

We are gonna get them involved and send over your great suggestion to them.  If we hear any feedback or progress we will share it here.

Thanks again and keep the ideas rolling.


I agree that the OnBoarding Folder could use further organization. I would also love to see the Welcome Packet updated- specifically the Who We Are organization chart, the programs that go on at Our Facilities, and the Wellness Calendar.


Good morning everyone.

We spoke to HR and it sounds like a new process is in the works and we could see some changes coming by mid to end of October.  We will keep our ears to the ground and share any updates as they are made available.