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What do you want to know? What do you want to share?

Laura Finch 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 16

The Community Awareness Team needs your input! We’re compiling a list of Fun Facts/Did You Know Details/A Brag Board/General FAQs. We want to share more of the awesome things we do with you and the community but need your help. We don't know the things we don't know! Help us by throwing in on the following:

  • Is there a burning Park District question that you want to ask?
  • Is there something awesome that we do that you want others to know about?
  • Is there a question every resident asks that we could better answer?

Did you know...2020 will be Limelight's 20th Anniversary! We have performed nearly 200 shows. Many of those are original plays written by staff members or participants. 

That's a great fact, thanks for sharing. Happy anniversary, Limelight!


I think we should brag about the cool things that our conservationists do for our community and planet, like the pantry garden and bees!

Yes! These are the sorts of things we want to know more about!

Under review

Thanks for your post Laura.

Hopefully we can spur on some great thoughts and discussion.  We will let everyone know you are looking for ideas and think they will be flooding in soon.

I think it is impressive how many kids begin their first jobs here, and how large our staff gets each Summer. It might be interesting to have those statistics available for the community. 

Great idea, thanks!

Thanks for your help, Professor!


In August 2020, the Oswegoland Park District will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its first park and the first land the district owned. SuzanJohn Park on Hampton Road in Boulder Hill was dedicated Aug. 18, 1960 with a community gathering, including speeches and a concert by the Oswego School Summer Band under the direction of Reeve R. Thompson. The park was named for Suzan Dise, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Dise, and John Hyde, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Hyde. Both Suzan and John died in childhood. Dise developed Boulder Hill and donated the park to the district. A.C. Hyde handled real estate sales for Boulder Hill properties.

Great fact! Thank you, Roger!


I think it could be kind of cool to do a testimonial Tuesday, similar to the picture attached. I saw that one of the dance programs I follow on Facebook does this and thought, this could be something we could do too! 

Neat idea. Thanks, Rockie!


I would love to see more information about the Park Foundation.  More awareness could be beneficial.

Very true! We should be educating the community and our staff on the Foundation. 

I saw a photo somewhere of Otters/Lil Devil's (otters previous name) with an Established date of 1970, so that would make it Otters 50th Anniversary. 

Fun! Thanks for letting us know. If you can find the photo, we'd love to scan it so we can use it to promote the anniversary.