Medallion Hunt Clue Videos

btingley 4 years ago updated by Tina Heidrich 4 years ago 4

It could be super fun if we record the medallion hunt clues at PrairieFest the year prior. Each clue could be read while the reader participates in a variety of fun PrairieFest events such as watching the dog (etc.) show, riding a carnival ride, getting a lemon shakeup, or petting the puppies!

Love this idea! I heard about it through the grapevine at PrairieFest this year and have already added to our notes for PrairieFest 2020/2021!

What a great idea! Love it!!


Love seeing our great idea submissions being discussed and possibly put into action.  Keep posting updates to the thread so everyone can follow along on the progress.

Thanks for sharing your idea Brieanne.  Keep em coming.

PrairieFest Medallion Hunt planning is in process and this idea is included in discussions.Thank you for this great idea!