OPD Circus for Pfest!

Cori Veverka 5 years ago updated by Professor of Innovation 4 years ago 12

Let's create entertainment for PrairieFest by offering programming in the Winter/Spring that teaches people how to be part of a circus act. Different departments could run classes or camps to instruct certain skills that could be showcased Father's Day Weekend. For example, Limelight could teach clowning. We could teach juggling or stilt walking. Gymnastics could do tumbling. Varied interest sewing classes could make costume pieces. We could have acts featuring performers of all ages! 

What a cool idea! I'd love to explore the collaboration. Events and Cultural Arts has a meeting on August 5. We'll talk next steps! Thanks, Cori!

Under review

Good morning Cori and thanks for your idea.

We will forward this along to the Special Event and Recreation team as this seems like a great time for some "COLLABORATION" between them.

Since you have graciously volunteered to help with your idea be ready to get a call or invite to help put some ideas together.

Thanks again.


We had some great discussion at our Special Events and Cultural Arts has a meeting today. We are planning on trying a set of Winter/Spring Classes that will culminate in a Circus Night event during that season. If it is successful, we can look ahead to more planning and PrairieFest.

I'll be reaching out to different departments and program areas to see how many cool skills and tricks we can feature! Start brainstorming what we can do with gymnastics, sewing, pet training, fitness, and more!

Let's do this!


Great news Cori.

Keep us updated on the status of this.


We had a meeting today (8/27) to brainstorm classes and camps that could showcase their talents at an April Circus Night! There is still time to get in on the fun if anyone has any ideas :)

Help! We need a name for our super sweet circus spectacular! Any and all ideas are welcome...

The Spectacular Spectacular! (You'll be dumb with wonderment) Sorry for the needed Moulin Rouge reference. But I DO like calling it a Spectacular. Also, Cirque Du YouPlay, Oswegoland Family Circus, Circus of a Million Stars, Royal Oswegoland Circus Spectacular, Marveloswegoland, Flying Family Circus. Tina Heidrich, if we have ONE circus performer/owner in all the history of Oswegoland, it might be fun to name it off this obscure star. Surely somewhere....

Spring Spectacular!

I completely LOVE this idea! Having this a yearly event would be amazing. Perhaps we could call it “Oswego’s Got Talent” with this years theme being the Circus Spring Spectacular. Then next year it would be a whole new theme with all new programming classes to coincide with the new theme for “Oswego’s Got Talent.” 


That is a super fun idea! We are planning to add a "Freaky Talent" component to the circus for everyone who can do a "stupid human trick" type of thing.


Another great idea put into action.

Everyone be on the lookout for our very own OPD circus coming in the next catalog.  A number of different departments have "COLLABORATED" on a series of classes that will end with our first OPD circus.

Can't wait to see what you have put together.  Make sure to share a seat at the performance for the professor!!

If you are browsing our current program offerings and search "Circus" look at all these exciting classes that are available.


Can't wait to see it.