Recycling Plastic Drums for Recycling

Zack Donati 5 years ago updated by KristieBV 4 years ago 7

Use old plastic drums at Prairie Point Community Park fields for recycling. Similar to the current garbage cans we use, but instead we could leave the lid on and cut the hole out to fit cans. We would use blue barrels and clearly mark them for recycling.

Figured this would be an easier system to recycle. It would be harder to contaminate recycling since the hole would fit cans only. High winds cause current recycling containers to knock down and blow around easily. 

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Under review

Thanks for the great idea Zack.

We will forward your suggestion along to the Operations Department and our Environmental Committee as this seems to impact those areas.

As soon as we have some feedback we will pass this along to you.


At this time some new recycling approaches are being implemented internally. Recycling is definitely always a priority with the Environmental Committee. Thank you for thinking green! 

This as well as all recycling opportunities will continue to be discussed and evaluated to determine what options can best be implemented to serve the community. This idea has been noted and included in discussions with the Environmental Committee. Thank you!

What about implementing this at PrairieFest? 

Thank you for this great suggestion which the Environmental Committee will plan to discuss.


Hey Zack.

Not sure if you have seen but all of our facilities have new trash and recycling receptacles thanks to the Environmental Committee.

They are also exploring options for our outdoor locations and parks.

While this may not be the exact idea you submitted, we consider this an "Innovation Lab" success as we took the issue you addressed and found a group willing to tackle it.

Be on the lookout, rumor has it and A.T.O.M. is heading your way.  Thanks again for the great idea and keep them coming.

Huge thanks for the Environmental Committee for taking suggestions and putting them into action!  We love the new receptacles.

We looked into this idea. While we love anything that has to do with making the agency more sustainable, at this time the clear bags we have might be our better bet. We think the clear bags enables guests to see exactly what is considered a recyclable and get those cups and stuff in there. We also were troubleshooting how to get the cans out of the blue barrel once we create two holes in the top. I think at this point, shoring up the clear plastic recycling units will be our plan for PFest. Thanks for innovating, Zack!