selling sunscreen at both pools

Karla Lundy 1 year ago in Customer Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 12 months ago 3
How will OPD benefit from this idea?:
We are creating opportunities for a healthy community by saving people from the possibility of future skin cancer.
Under review

Good afternoon Karla.  Thank you for sharing your idea with us.  We will reach out to Aquatics to share your idea.  

We will keep you update on any response or feedback we receive from them.


Great Idea, hope to have this up and running in the next week when the sun shines again.



Just to follow up, sunscreen was purchased and is now being offered for sale at both Winrock and Civic Center Aquatic Park.  A few have already been purchased by customers.

Thank you to Karla for the great submission and thank you to Erik for promptly implementing a suggestion from the lab and making things happen.

We love all of the Innovation and Collaboration!!!