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Me Too at the Pool

Kendra Potter 5 years ago updated by Erik Enslen 4 years ago 5

We should pick a couple of summer days and set aside inclusion hours at the pool (CC or WR), like the ME TOO event we do for PrairieFest

Under review

Thank you for your idea.  This could be a great opportunity to continue our mission of "Creating healthy opportunities" and will pass this along to the aquatics staff for consideration.


There will be a session at the IPRA conference in January about inclusion at events. It will be cool to see what we can incorporate! I love the idea of specific days or times at the pool.


I agree Cori, We are already working on this for 2020. Been talking with FVSRA on what they free the specific needs would be, they are excited.

That is great! Thanks, Erik. Keep us posted!


We have me too days scheduled at the pool this summer. Keep an eye out on the Summer book for more information! FVSRA is including the information in their program guide as well.