Google Forms for Volunteer Info

Cori Veverka 1 year ago in Customer Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 1 year ago 2

I have had a lot of luck using Google Forms for streamlining volunteer sign up and data collection for different areas that are not programming or Active related. I use them for PrairieFest Volunteers, Limelight Audition Sign up, and more. The form allows us to ensure that we are getting all of the information that we need (contact info, experience, availability, etc), as well as adjust and edit the fields on the form to be up to date. For example, when I PrairieFest shift is filled, we can take that option off of the form in real time and it is no longer an option for people looking at it. There is also the option to add an automatic response to the individual filling out the form, so they have confirmation that you got their info. It makes it easier on the user end and on the staff side. Win win!

I am happy to share any more info or answer questions, if anyone has any :)

How will OPD benefit from this idea?:
Saves time and energy for staff, as well as a more streamlined and convenient option for the customer

We recently implemented Google forms in collecting roster data for Adult Sports leagues.  Very easy to use and players seem to like it.


Thank you for sharing your solution and idea.

We are going to share this with other supervisors and department heads to use in their own worlds.

May we have permission to let other Supervisors know they can contact you to pick your brain?