Reduce reliance on paper/printing

Scott Ellison 4 years ago 0

There are many reasons to be proud working for a park district. Let’s face it, life would be joyless without recreation. When we talk about what we do, what do we mention before recreation? We use the word “parks”. I feel the importance of parks in our lives could never be understated. We preserve land and nature in all its beauty while preventing something as trivial as a gas station or condominiums built in its place.

With that said, I feel a park district should lead the way in the green initiative, and save our trees! “Climate change” was one of the top concerns going into the 2020 election as it should be, and I feel we should do everything we can to fight climate change. Unfortunately, I believe we are excessively reliant on paper and printing in our district. With technology the way it is, I believe there is little need for a printer in 2020. Ask yourself this question, “when is the last time your received a paper bill or invoice for anything”? I know I never do. They are emailed to me, or I check them on a monthly basis on a vendor’s website.

Eliminating our need for printers and printing could never happen overnight. I propose we form a committee that can slowly investigate common uses of our printers, and find ways to convert those uses to digital. I know it is possible; we just need to work to find a way to replace our paper needs.

By slowly eliminating our reliance on printers, we save money on equipment, electricity, ink, and paper while helping our environment. I say that’s a cause each and every one of us can get behind!