Looking for team meeting ideas for part time staff

Brian Everhart 5 years ago updated by Jen McFall 5 years ago 3

Does anyone have suggestions for interactive activities or exercises to help engage young part time staff.  Sometimes staff at meetings seem low energy or disengaged.  How can we get/hold their attention and make things more conversational, fun while still being instructive and impactfull?


Gamification! Anything that makes the experience more interactive (like a Bingo Card or Kahoot! surveys) helps make it engaging.


Thank you for sharing your dilema.

We are going to reach out to a few department leads to include this topic in future staff meetings and hope we can bring back some other suggestions and ideas for you to implement.


We tried these at our last few staff meetings. Staff seemed to enjoy it.  Brieanne is great with games. She'd be an amazing resource.

Safety scavenger hunt: staff had to find the safety hazards in the gym. GOAL: To was to get the staff to look for the small hazards, not just the obvious ones.

Human knot: the goal is to work together by going over and under each others hands until they return to the circle they started in. GOAL: It helps staff communicate with each other and problem solve.

Blind Obstacle Course: Staff was lead by a co-worker through an obstacle while blind folded. The first round they could only use words to give directions. The 2nd round staff could only physically guide them through-no words at all. GOAL: to demonstrate the difference in auditory and kinesthetic learners.