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Chewie is on call anytime.

Just checked out the blog post you mentioned.  Not really what I was expecting it to be about based on the title, but that was a great read.  Love how things can be rephrased to help illicit a response.

Going to look into some of the other blog posts.

Thanks for sharing!!

Jen from Gymnastics also shared that at a staff meeting the other day, they had a staff scavenger hunt through the gym to look for safety issues and it was very well received by staff.  Brie was the organizer.

I was in a meeting the other day and a long time staff member remarked that she used to want one of the Safety Council Tumblers that used to be given out to those who correctly answered the monthly safety questions. 

We recently implemented Google forms in collecting roster data for Adult Sports leagues.  Very easy to use and players seem to like it.

Simple easy to implement "reward" for employees during a week that is typically not busy.  Love it.