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I love the idea of knowing what our New Team Members look like!

I love this idea!

Hope to see some of you tomorrow!

I also like to physically reference something. I have pages for Events, Limelight and EC classes printed out on my desk.

Podcast Club Meeting #3

Thursday, October 22 at 11:30am, Prairie Point Loft (Lunch and Chat)

Armchair Expert episode #179 with Chris Voss

This was our pick for the next episode back in the spring. 

Listen to the podcast (it is a longer one, but we have a month to get through it) and be ready for discussion!

I am looking forward to our next gathering of the Podcast Club. See you at Prairie Point at 12:30pm on Thursday, March 5.

Prior to the meeting:

  • Listen to the Focus 3 Podcast #59: How to Have Great Meetings
  • Review the 10 tips (as listed below with the timestamp of when they are covered in the podcast)

9:10 #1 Only hold a meeting if it's necessary
10:13 #2 Establish and follow meeting success criteria
11:33 #3 Have clear objectives
11:48 #4 Have an agenda
13:09 #5 Provide all necessary info prior to meeting
13:42 #6 Meeting participants: Arrive on time, be prepared, be concise, don't ramble
23:23 #7 Follow the agenda
25:36 #8 Notes are taken, archived, and kept
26:17 #9 Decisions and assigned actions are appointed to people
26:38 #10 Review meeting effectiveness periodically

  • Think about how they apply to meetings you have run and/or meetings you have attended

Podcast Club Agenda
Thursday, March 5

Intro & Welcome (2 min)

Group Discussion (30-45 minutes)

Wrap up (5 min)

Adding check boxes to a Google spreadsheet is awesome! Thanks for sharing, Zack!

I use Google Forms the most, so I am less familiar with playing in Docs and Sheets.

Podcast Club Meeting #2

Thursday, March 5 at 11:30am, Prairie Point Loft (Lunch and Chat)

Focus 3 Podcast -, #59 – How to Have Great Meetings (31:22)

Listen to the podcast and be ready to dive into discussion on effective Meetings.

Our 3rd podcast will be Armchair Expert episode #179 with Chris Voss 

Thanks! I just learned about Armchair Expert recently when I heard Dax Shepard guest on a different podcast. Can't wait to check this one out!

Could you share the name of the Podcast that you were listening to? It sounds like a great one for the Podcast Club to listen to and discuss!