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Love the idea of an ATOM Alert!

What a fun idea! We've got a Wellness Committee Meeting tomorrow, so I would be happy to share with the group!

That is great! Thanks, Erik. Keep us posted!

There will be a session at the IPRA conference in January about inclusion at events. It will be cool to see what we can incorporate! I love the idea of specific days or times at the pool.

With fall in full swing (and winter snow on the ground), do we want to set up a meeting to start planning next Fall? Jen - Do you want to take the lead?

We have been in contact with the Rescued Rascals dog adoption group, and they are willing to bring some adopatable dogs to one of our facilities. We are working on dates and details, and we hope to have that out soon!

The Values Team is having an outdoor meeting! Give it a try this fall!

That is a super fun idea! We are planning to add a "Freaky Talent" component to the circus for everyone who can do a "stupid human trick" type of thing.

I love this idea! Let's get something on the calendar for this Oct/Nov to start talking about Fall 2020!