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I am looking forward to our next gathering of the Podcast Club. See you at Prairie Point at 12:30pm on Thursday, March 5.

Prior to the meeting:

  • Listen to the Focus 3 Podcast #59: How to Have Great Meetings
  • Review the 10 tips (as listed below with the timestamp of when they are covered in the podcast)

9:10 #1 Only hold a meeting if it's necessary
10:13 #2 Establish and follow meeting success criteria
11:33 #3 Have clear objectives
11:48 #4 Have an agenda
13:09 #5 Provide all necessary info prior to meeting
13:42 #6 Meeting participants: Arrive on time, be prepared, be concise, don't ramble
23:23 #7 Follow the agenda
25:36 #8 Notes are taken, archived, and kept
26:17 #9 Decisions and assigned actions are appointed to people
26:38 #10 Review meeting effectiveness periodically

  • Think about how they apply to meetings you have run and/or meetings you have attended

Podcast Club Agenda
Thursday, March 5

Intro & Welcome (2 min)

Group Discussion (30-45 minutes)

Wrap up (5 min)

Adding check boxes to a Google spreadsheet is awesome! Thanks for sharing, Zack!

I use Google Forms the most, so I am less familiar with playing in Docs and Sheets.

Podcast Club Meeting #2

Thursday, March 5 at 11:30am, Prairie Point Loft (Lunch and Chat)

Focus 3 Podcast -, #59 – How to Have Great Meetings (31:22)

Listen to the podcast and be ready to dive into discussion on effective Meetings.

Our 3rd podcast will be Armchair Expert episode #179 with Chris Voss 

Thanks! I just learned about Armchair Expert recently when I heard Dax Shepard guest on a different podcast. Can't wait to check this one out!

Could you share the name of the Podcast that you were listening to? It sounds like a great one for the Podcast Club to listen to and discuss!

Rockie and I are meeting this afternoon to work on our proposal for Marketing! We'll keep everyone posted!

Sounds good! We were chatting the other day and comparing resources for those kinds of guidelines and how other districts/companies/organizations are handling social media takeovers and influencers.

They are also looking for Student Ambassadors who are participants who will be promoting their programming through their own social media outlets. 

These could be great ways for us to leverage the micro influencers within our own programs.

A few of us had a great discussion yesterday! We will be meeting again on Thursday, March 5th from 12:30-1:30pm at Prairie Point. We welcome suggestions for topics to cover via podcast and hope more people join us in March!

Hope to see you this Thursday for Podcast Club! Come prepared with other topics you would like to cover next time :)