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We looked into this idea. While we love anything that has to do with making the agency more sustainable, at this time the clear bags we have might be our better bet. We think the clear bags enables guests to see exactly what is considered a recyclable and get those cups and stuff in there. We also were troubleshooting how to get the cans out of the blue barrel once we create two holes in the top. I think at this point, shoring up the clear plastic recycling units will be our plan for PFest. Thanks for innovating, Zack!

Once there's a process and Laura's got her stamp of approval on it, I'd love to do this for festivals!

What about implementing this at PrairieFest? 

Spring Spectacular!

The Spectacular Spectacular! (You'll be dumb with wonderment) Sorry for the needed Moulin Rouge reference. But I DO like calling it a Spectacular. Also, Cirque Du YouPlay, Oswegoland Family Circus, Circus of a Million Stars, Royal Oswegoland Circus Spectacular, Marveloswegoland, Flying Family Circus. Tina Heidrich, if we have ONE circus performer/owner in all the history of Oswegoland, it might be fun to name it off this obscure star. Surely somewhere....

I think it is impressive how many kids begin their first jobs here, and how large our staff gets each Summer. It might be interesting to have those statistics available for the community. 

I have loved seeing the bright community tables out in our parks and facilities. MORE MORE MORE!!!

What a cool idea! I'd love to explore the collaboration. Events and Cultural Arts has a meeting on August 5. We'll talk next steps! Thanks, Cori!