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I agree, great idea! I'm checking out the Innovation Lab right now because my weekly reminder went off :)  

Neat idea. Keep me posted!

Awesome idea! We'll work up our own version for the Summer 2020 Catalog. 

Awesome idea! We would love to incorporate more testimonials in our marketing. Please send them my way!!!

Thank you for the screenshots so I can better understand your suggestions.

Unfortunately, the first three images are showing Google search results. Those results are populated by Google algorithms and that is their “secret sauce” that we can’t influence.

Athletics does such a great job sharing the Team Sideline information that 74% of users this year accessed the site directly! That means our users aren’t stopping at our website to look for a link to Team Sideline, they already have access to it. Because we’re tight on menu bar space and we aren’t seeing people visiting our site before heading to Team Sideline, we’ll keep the menu bar the same for now.

Please keep the ideas coming! We’re always looking to improve our website and with over 65% of users viewing our site in a mobile version, it’s very important to keep the mobile version user-friendly too.

Hi Donna,

Thanks for the suggestions! We will definitely consider adding a Rainout Line for the rink.

Can you please provide some additional information and screenshots so I can understand exactly what you are envisioning for the Google suggestion? 

Fun! Thanks for letting us know. If you can find the photo, we'd love to scan it so we can use it to promote the anniversary.

Very true! We should be educating the community and our staff on the Foundation.