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We've also shared the benefits of Amazon Smile through our monthly staff newsletters. We'll be sure to include it again in the coming weeks as a reminder. 

Brand ambassadors make great tools within organizations! We would love to see you put together a proposal for this. Some things to consider when crafting your proposal:

  • Need
  • Benefit
  • Financial impacts – cost of the position, how it will be funded, increased revenue/decreased expenses anticipated
  • Job description
  • Qualifications
  • Indicators of success

Looking forward to receiving your position proposal. In the meantime, we have a great army of Brand Ambassadors – each and every employee on staff! Thanks to everyone who chips in to support our agency and promote our services by attending many of the events listed above.

Hello Marcee,

As We Grow Preschool does not have a Facebook page. Could you send the link to the page you are referring to? Perhaps there is some confusion or an unauthorized page.

We invite all departments to send content from their program areas to Marketing so we can post highlights on our Oswegoland Park District page ( We have nearly 6,000 followers on this page and it is the best way to gain exposure for different programs and the District as a whole.

Rockie & Cori,

Sounds like you're both invested in this idea. I would welcome a proposal covering:

  • Goal of the Takeover
  • Who can do a Takeover
  • How to Request a Takeover - Submission Form/Takeover Request Form
  • Training Requirements & Best Practices/Tips/Dos/Don’ts
  • Post Date/Time/Frequency/Other Expectations
  • Guidelines & Responsibility Agreement

I look forward to hearing more!


I think our programmers are doing their best with the space limitations we have. With your Civic Center example, we already have the successful Lunch Box Club as an enrichment opportunity for our preschoolers that runs from 11:45am-12:30pm in Room 1. Unfortunately, that means we just don’t have the space to run a sports specific program there at the same time. Julia also coordinates additional enrichment classes for preschoolers that begin immediately following Lunch Box Club. I’m sure she could give you the scoop!

I agree, great idea! I'm checking out the Innovation Lab right now because my weekly reminder went off :)  

Neat idea. Keep me posted!

Awesome idea! We'll work up our own version for the Summer 2020 Catalog. 

Awesome idea! We would love to incorporate more testimonials in our marketing. Please send them my way!!!

Thank you for the screenshots so I can better understand your suggestions.

Unfortunately, the first three images are showing Google search results. Those results are populated by Google algorithms and that is their “secret sauce” that we can’t influence.

Athletics does such a great job sharing the Team Sideline information that 74% of users this year accessed the site directly! That means our users aren’t stopping at our website to look for a link to Team Sideline, they already have access to it. Because we’re tight on menu bar space and we aren’t seeing people visiting our site before heading to Team Sideline, we’ll keep the menu bar the same for now.

Please keep the ideas coming! We’re always looking to improve our website and with over 65% of users viewing our site in a mobile version, it’s very important to keep the mobile version user-friendly too.