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Gracias por tus pensamientos. El propósito de este Laboratorio de innovación es que cualquier persona en cualquier posición se sienta escuchada cuando tiene una idea que facilita o mejora nuestro trabajo. Entendemos que las personas pasan por momentos difíciles y el Distrito de Parques de Oswegoland apoya a nuestro personal a tiempo completo y parcial. Si necesita ayuda personalmente, ofrecemos un Programa de asistencia para empleados anónimo al que puede acceder en o llamando al número gratuito: 888-293-6948.

Great idea, Zack! Marketing and Parks and Planning are on board, so we will see about the best way to make this happen!

What a fun way for the community to learn more about our staff and programs! We have a meeting set up with Marketing to get this up and running!

Thanks for the great idea, Rockie! The Active Team will look at what help they need to clean things up, and we will see about getting other "housekeeping" lists and reminders.

I know accessiblity is always something being looked into.  There are some legal issues at play as well as some technological challenges when dealing with a park board meeting.

We appreciate your contribution and I am sure this will continue to be explored.


I think the Wellness Committee may be able to help with this fun idea.  We will get them involved and see how to help boost some moral with our furry companions.

Thanks for sharing this great idea Jen.

The professor thinks we can pull a few resources together to make this happen.  We will probably be stopping by to ask you a few clarifying questions.  Keep that thinking cap on.

They are here! We have two new sets of laptops and projectors. Thanks to the IT Department for getting these up and rolling this year. Here are a few notes from Keith:

  • It was impossible to find a bag that would fit everything, therefore we purchased a case for each projector and a case for each laptop. This will allow for some flexibility moving forward. (i.e. if you only need the projector you won’t have to lug the laptop with it and vice versa). However, if you need both remember to grab both cases.
  • Sign out of the laptop/projector will be the same as it has been in the past. Please fill out the sheet accordingly when you take a piece of equipment and return the piece of equipment.
  • Both setups currently reside at Prairie Point but eventually we will probably move one over to Civic Center so that we have a setup near to Civic Center, Boulder Point and Winrock. While keeping the other near Prairie Point, South Point and Fox Bend. Little White has its own setup that they use.

Thank you all for your contributions in February! We saw 10 new submissions this month and lots of comments and communication. Our Top 3 scores went to Rockie Veverka, Zack Donati, and Rich Zielke AND Donna Para (who tied). Some fun OPD swag is headed your way.