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As many of you have already seen, ask and though shall receive.  Donna asked about getting the RainoutLine info embedded into our website and our Marketing Department made it happen.

You’ll now find a dedicated Weather Cancellation page on our website with our RainoutLine page embedded in! We have also added a page with some general guidelines to help our participants understand the guidelines we following when making decisions based on weather.

The page is accessible from the Rainout Line link in the header of our website or the Weather Cancellations link in the menu under Programs & Events. Check it out at

Thanks for another great idea Donna.  Your A.T.O.M (Adding To Our Mission) Award is on the way.

Another great idea put into action.

Everyone be on the lookout for our very own OPD circus coming in the next catalog.  A number of different departments have "COLLABORATED" on a series of classes that will end with our first OPD circus.

Can't wait to see what you have put together.  Make sure to share a seat at the performance for the professor!!

Hey Kim,

Not sure if you heard, but this is going to happen.  Look for new fountains to be in some of our locations very soon.

Thanks for your great idea and you should be receiving your A.T.O.M. shortly.

Can't wait to see what your next great suggestion is.

Good afternoon Alex.

Thanks for your great suggestion.  We ran your idea by a few of the decision makers when it comes to facility maintenance and were informed this idea has been suggested and considered before.

Based on research done at that time, it was determined that currently the paper towels a better option for us here at the district.  As other technology and systems are available, we may consider changing in the future, but at this time we will be sticking with the paper towels.

Don't be discouraged though, it is a great suggestion and always spurs great discussion at the department level and makes us constantly evaluate our processes and procedures.

Keep the great ideas coming.


Add Team Schedules(Team Sideline) next to Rainout Line on Top Menu Bar

Good morning Donna.

Thanks for sharing your awesome idea.  We will pass the suggestion along to Marketing and see if this would be possible to update.

Keep the ideas flowing and we will keep you updated on your submission.

Good Afternoon,

We are excited to move forward with another idea submitted through our innovation lab by Abbie Frederick. This fall we are introducing our first staff store. The store will offer Oswegoland Park District employees the optional opportunities to purchase new gear. Items listed on the store are listed at cost and tax will be included in check out.

To view and purchase products use the link below!

The staff store is NOW LIVE and will close on Sunday, November 3rd. Purchased items will arrive on Tuesday, November 19th at Prairie Point Center.

Ask...and you shall receive!!!

This e-mail was just sent out by Keith:

"We’re excited to release a new IT Ticketing System today that will allow you to easily submit support requests via an online portal/form. This new system will also help the IT Department track and prioritize issues, projects and other IT related items more effectively and efficiently."

And this is how the Innovation Lab can work.  Rockie had a great suggestion and Keith and Scott found it helpful and made it happen.

Keep the great ideas flowing all and Rockie will be receiving her A.T.O.M. award very soon.

Good morning Anita.

Thank you very much for your great suggestion about having "safety lighting" options available at our locations in the case of power failure, etc.  We will definitely pass this along to the safety council for consideration.

Keep the great ideas coming.

Good morning Jen.

Thanks for sharing.  Sounds like quite a few people agree with your idea.  We will let the meeting organizers know of your idea and hopefully a meeting request will be heading your way soon.