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Thank you for looking into this and they many other topics for us - it is truly appreciated.

Thank you for this great suggestion which the Environmental Committee will plan to discuss.

This as well as all recycling opportunities will continue to be discussed and evaluated to determine what options can best be implemented to serve the community. This idea has been noted and included in discussions with the Environmental Committee. Thank you!

PrairieFest Medallion Hunt planning is in process and this idea is included in discussions.Thank you for this great idea!

Although crayon recycling is yet to move forward, marker recycling is a go! Markers of all types may be recycled in the boxes at the buildings throughout the district or sent directly to Tina Heidrich at the Little White School Museum.

At this time some new recycling approaches are being implemented internally. Recycling is definitely always a priority with the Environmental Committee. Thank you for thinking green! 

These initiative would be great to bring the the Environmental Committee for possible implementation. I would be happy to do so!