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The last part is the banner can be standard.

Anita, thank you for this wonderful suggestion. The Safety Council was able to use $275 of the IPRF Safety Grant to purchase these flashlights in November. I look forward to other great ideas from you!

As a person that works with the key tracking, a big YES to this!

Great idea! Looking forward to the first Podcast at the end of this month!

This would be a qualifying expense under the IPRF Safety Grant :) - I coordinate that.

This was suggested by Dave Hubrick years ago - it would be a solution to never run out of bottles and over time the expense for the stations would be covered by not paying for the ongoing service.

What a great idea! Love it!!

When we get a brief visit from Gidget (Bob K.'s dog) it always brightens our day. However, it would be nice to be able to pet her too :). 

Cool! It's nice to personalize things more :). There are so many staff at other buildings that I have never met. It will be nice to recognize them at group gatherings.