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Program Offering Time Sync

Ben Nachtwey 1 year ago in Customer Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 12 months ago 3

I noticed when I was trying to register my 4 year old for various sports programs, that they slightly overlapped our preschool times. I.E. my son is at South Point from 9:15-11:30, and the sports program begins at 11:15 at civic center. I know it would take more planning, but if the sports (and other categories) programs were coordinated with our preschool programming in terms of time, kids could then participate in both, leading to more revenue.

How will OPD benefit from this idea?:
Increased enrollment


I think our programmers are doing their best with the space limitations we have. With your Civic Center example, we already have the successful Lunch Box Club as an enrichment opportunity for our preschoolers that runs from 11:45am-12:30pm in Room 1. Unfortunately, that means we just don’t have the space to run a sports specific program there at the same time. Julia also coordinates additional enrichment classes for preschoolers that begin immediately following Lunch Box Club. I’m sure she could give you the scoop!

Under review

Hey Ben.  

Thanks for the great submission and suggestion.  I see that Laura responded with some of the challenges faced by programmers but I am sure we can continue to evaluate class times and how to possibly align start times for busy families.  A little birdy told the professor that there was discussion among the rec staff about scheduling yesterday and maybe this would be a good time to look at those schedules and how they match up across program areas.

Thanks again for the great contribution and look forward to more.