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Kimberly Rutkowski 5 months ago in Better/Faster/Smarter/Cheaper updated by Professor of Innovation 3 months ago 4

I would like to look into bottle filling stations to replace current water fountains


Smartsheet for IT requests

Rockie Veverka 9 months ago in Better/Faster/Smarter/Cheaper updated by Rich Zielke 4 months ago 4

It would be awesome to be able to complete a smart sheet similar to how we already do marketing or website request for any IT related issues or concerns. Scott isn't here everyday, so it might also be nice for him to be able to prioritize tasks,  get them on his calendar and mark off things that are completed. I'm not 100% sure of how the smartsheet works, but it seems like a nice way to get things organized for all. 

Not Selected

Hand Dryers in Buildings

Alex Shields 3 months ago in Better/Faster/Smarter/Cheaper updated by Rich Zielke 2 months ago 2

The district could look into getting hand dryers for restrooms instead of continuously supplying paper towels.

Under review

Job / Shift Posting Portal for Internal Staff seeking to Work matching staff looking to fill jobs or shifts

Tom Betsinger 4 months ago in Better/Faster/Smarter/Cheaper updated by Professor of Innovation 4 months ago 1

I would like a clearing house where each department can post position openings or available shifts for existing staff. 

Ideally, staff from any department would be able to access the open position / shift and then apply or agree to fill shifts. 

Jobs or shifts would include any specific requirements, rate of pay, ect...  

Possible internal software with potential include When 2 Work, Springbrook & Time Pro. 

Under review

Recycling Plastic Drums for Recycling

Zack Donati 6 months ago in Better/Faster/Smarter/Cheaper updated by Tina Heidrich 3 months ago 2

Use old plastic drums at Prairie Point Community Park fields for recycling. Similar to the current garbage cans we use, but instead we could leave the lid on and cut the hole out to fit cans. We would use blue barrels and clearly mark them for recycling.

Figured this would be an easier system to recycle. It would be harder to contaminate recycling since the hole would fit cans only. High winds cause current recycling containers to knock down and blow around easily.