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Online Registration

Kelly Summers 1 year ago in Customer Experience updated by Isabella Mahoney 12 months ago 2

In an effort to save time for our customers and trees for the environment I think we should look to offering as many of our programs online as possible. After having worked though putting preschool registration online it would be very easy to offer a majority of our payment planned based activities available for online registration. 

Going along with that Kids Connection and Preschool currently utilize the ePACT program. This website houses all of the heath and emergency information for a specific individual. This could be information that is shared across departments. For example my daughter Ciara has attended kids connection her ePACT includes emergency contacts authorized pick up individuals and any important health information. She is also part of Dance Company if dance was also using the ePACT website they could view this information online. I as a parent would only have to complete the ePACT process once and if all of our departments were utilizing ePACT that information could be viewed as soon as I registered her for an activity or program. 

Parents would not need to fill out this information multiple times and would would not have to keep track of paperwork. 


Employment page in catalog

Jen McFall 1 year ago in Customer Experience updated 7 months ago 4

We should have a page in our catalog dedicated to the open positions in the park district. I ran across Naperville Park District's page and I think we would benefit from something similar.  Naperville page.pdf

Under review

Consolidated cancelled class list

Jen McFall 5 months ago in Customer Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 4 months ago 2

During these unsure times we are cancelling more classes than usual. I think we need to come up with a spreadsheet that each supervisor "dumps" their cancelled info into so it can be organized into families. This will allow parents to only receive one call instead of several different ones for each class their children are registered for. The organized information would also be a great tool for CSRs to use when a participant calls back.


Caregiver Inclusivity

Laura Finch 11 months ago in Customer Experience 0

This is from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. I thought it had some clever ideas for encouraging inclusivity in child & caregiver programs/events. Just wanted to share. 

Under review

Customer Advisory Council

Donna Para 12 months ago in Customer Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 12 months ago 1

Create a customer advisory panel that areas could use as a sounding board for new programs and ideas.  This would be a rotating group (i.e., annual involvement) and staff could recommend candidates.   If effectively managed, this could be a great vehicle to get ongoing customer input.  

Not Selected

As We Grow facebook page

marcee.martinez 12 months ago in Customer Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 11 months ago 4

Is there anyway that we could have someone dedicated to keep the As We Grow pre-school facebook page current?  There are so many great things happening in the classrooms that the general public doesn't see.  It's also a great opportunity for families who are shopping around for a school for their kiddos.

Professor of Innovation 11 months ago

Thanks, Marcee. We appreciate your Facebook enthusiasm. With the volume of program areas and program offerings the Park District has, it isn’t feasible to maintain a page for each one.

The Park District’s Facebook page is the best vehicle for sharing information and driving enrollments, and we welcome updates from all program areas across the District.

Under review

Program Offering Time Sync

Ben Nachtwey 1 year ago in Customer Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 12 months ago 3

I noticed when I was trying to register my 4 year old for various sports programs, that they slightly overlapped our preschool times. I.E. my son is at South Point from 9:15-11:30, and the sports program begins at 11:15 at civic center. I know it would take more planning, but if the sports (and other categories) programs were coordinated with our preschool programming in terms of time, kids could then participate in both, leading to more revenue.

Under review

What do you want to know? What do you want to share?

Laura Finch 1 year ago in Customer Experience updated 1 year ago 16

The Community Awareness Team needs your input! We’re compiling a list of Fun Facts/Did You Know Details/A Brag Board/General FAQs. We want to share more of the awesome things we do with you and the community but need your help. We don't know the things we don't know! Help us by throwing in on the following:

  • Is there a burning Park District question that you want to ask?
  • Is there something awesome that we do that you want others to know about?
  • Is there a question every resident asks that we could better answer?

Medallion Hunt Clue Videos

btingley 1 year ago in Customer Experience updated by Tina Heidrich 1 year ago 4

It could be super fun if we record the medallion hunt clues at PrairieFest the year prior. Each clue could be read while the reader participates in a variety of fun PrairieFest events such as watching the dog (etc.) show, riding a carnival ride, getting a lemon shakeup, or petting the puppies!


Lighting for Safety Places

Anita Scheidecker 1 year ago in Customer Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 11 months ago 4

Equip all "safety places" with either a flashlight or a plug in light to be used during a power outage or drill (i.e. tornado).  Will make things a little less scary for our preschool students and program participants.

Big Ticket

Permenant bathrooms at Hudson Crossing Park

Brian Everhart 2 years ago in Customer Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 2 years ago 1

It would be awesome to have permanent bathrooms at one of our busiest, signature parks


What an interesting idea Brian! This is definitely something worth pursuing further, and we need more information. Please fill out the Big Ticket Form to help us learn more about your proposed idea.


Birthday Event due to Covid-19

Michelle Rios 10 months ago in Customer Experience 0

Since the shelter in place has been in effect, I happened to notice (on FB) many children being bummed about not being able to celebrate their birthdays with friends due to Covid-19. Perhaps the Oswegoland Park District could hold a community birthday party to recognize all those children who weren’t really able to have a party during shelter in place. Clearly this would take place once deemed safe for larger gatherings.


Website & Rainout Line Enhancements

Donna Para 1 year ago in Customer Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 1 year ago 5

Consider adding the Rainout Line and Team Sideline to the OPD Website page that displays in Google (desktop and mobile access) so participants can easily get to these pages if they don't have them saved.  See Rainout line example on the Naperville Park District search.  Also consider adding the Skating Rink to the Rainout line so customers know when it is open (rather than having to drive by to see the flags).  


selling sunscreen at both pools

Karla Lundy 2 years ago in Customer Experience updated by Professor of Innovation 1 year ago 3